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When it comes to local Troutdale transmission repair, people trust the skilled technicians at Chavez Transmissions. We specialize in this area of car care, and we offer thorough and complete service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

With more than 20 years in the transmission repair business, you can trust your needs will taking care of.

When you have a faulty transmission, you simply can’t drive safely on the road, if your car will even run at all. When you suspect a problem, you can bring your car in and we’ll do a complete inspection. We’ll determine the source of any problems and make sure that everything is back in perfect running order. Signs of problems in this area include:

  • Fluid leaks
  • Abnormal shifting
  • Grinding or other unusual noises
  • Poor vehicle performance, sluggishness
  • Vehicle unable to move forward or in reverse

We’ll make sure that everything is running in peak condition again before we call the job complete, including a final road test. If it’s time for a replacement, we can do that too!

When you need transmission repair in Troutdale Oregon you can trust Alex and his crew at Chavez Transmissions. Our technicians continually update their training so that we can provide you with nothing but the best service. Call today to schedule an appointment.
(503) 674-3532

Are these problems on your mind? Is your car or truck making mystrey noises?

  • Check Engine light is on
  • No forward movement
  • No reverse movement
  • Lack of power on acceleration
  • No shifting
  • Bad gas mileage
  • Harsh shifting
  • Engine races and car does not move
  • Car bucks when D or R is selected
  • Fluid level checked every oil change
  • Condition checked every oil change
  • Reddish fluid found on the ground
  • Car vibrates on acceleration
  • Car vibrates on shifts
  • Abnormal noises when D selected
  • Abnormal noises when R selected
  • Engine races after turning

If these are problems you’re experiencing, we have answers. Bring your car in for a estimate today.
We are located right off interstate 84 in Troutdale Oregon.
940 NW Dunbar Ave, Ste 500 Troutdale Oregon 97060

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